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Who is Esther & Doreen?

Besides being the name of this blog Esther & Doreen is also two of the main characters from the Sylvia Plath novel ‘Bell Jar’.

What is Esther & Doreen?

Esther & Doreen is my side hustle or my main hustle depending on how you want to look at it. It’s my blog and the name of my company.

Do you have a career or is the blog your hustle?

I have a job. I work in advertising. One day I’ll open up my own shop and employ all my kick ass creative friends. Until that day I’m a one woman shop and I lend my talents to agencies and various brands.

How would you describe this blog?

It’s pretty much whatever you want it to be…music blog, fashion blog, photography blog, branding blog. Whatevs, I’m not really into labels (unless of course they’re convenient for me to use )

Favorite designers?

I buy most of my clothes from second hand stores. But I’m partial to Kenzo, Band of Outsiders, Carlos Campo, Phillip Lim and Ovadia & Sons.

Besides blogging what are your hobbies?

I love critiquing ads while riding the subway. If I had time I would start a blog just for this purpose.

Who’s style do you admire?

My mom had awesome style when she was younger.  Then she got busy being a working mom and all that went out the window.

Solange has great style and heaven to me would be 15mins in her closet. I also have a few friends that have amazing style. But won’t mention them here because they already have big egos.

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